CWC - The Future of Decentralized Social Ads

cwc with the mission of connecting the community, as well as a bridge between potential projects to users.

Contract Address: 0x2292ff9c69a79b55b20c432076fd8c0a9e2a9940

Welcome to CryptowallCity (CWC), the gathering place for blockchain enthusiasts and investors around the world. We are proud to present you CWC Ads, a decentralized advertising platform that shares 100% of the profits for the community.
CWC Ads is the connection between sponsors and CWC community, is a completely decentralized project, there are no LP owners and contract owners. Sponsors' advertisements will be promoted on CWC's website, media channels and partners.
By participating in CWC Ads, sponsors can bring their products or services to the worldwide CWC community. Advertising campaigns will be promoted on CWC's website, media channels and partners.

However, CWC Ads not only benefit sponsors but also the community and CWC partners. Of which, 30% of sponsored CWC ads will be burned forever (20% will burn Black Hole Burning Forever: 78.850%
+ Permanent Burning Fee: 5.5793%
+ Liquidity LP: 2.0432%
+ Community: 13.5275%
+ Buying or Selling Fee: 3%

CWC Social Medias:
+ Website:
+ Twitter:
+ TG Channel:
+ TG Army:

Communication channels as CWC partners:
1. Partner 1
+ Website:.........
+ Twitter:...........
2. Partner 2
+ Website:.........
+ Twitter:...........
3. Partner 3
+ Website:.........
+ Twitter:...........

I. Advertising Campaign

To develop the ad campaign, we recommend target costs ($20K MC, $200k MC, $2M MC, $20M MC, $200M MC, 2B MC).
Customers can optionally purchase advertising packages as below and advertise them on our website.
+ 24 hour advertising campaign: 10 USD (9,000,000,000 CWC, 900,000,000 CWC, 90,000,000 CWC, 9,000,000 CWC, 900,000 CWC, 90,000 CWC).
+ 1 week advertising campaign: 50 USD (45,000,000,000 CWC, 4,500,000,000 CWC, 450,000,000 CWC, 45,000,000 CWC, 4,500,000 CWC, 450,000 CWC).
+ 1 month advertising campaign: 200 USD (180,000,000,000,000 CWC, 18,000,000,000 CWC, 1,800,000,000 CWC, 180,000,000 CWC, 18,000,000 CWC, 1,800,000 CWC).

II. Content moderation in ad campaign for Airdrop campaign
We propose an additional method of moderating ad campaigns censored by the CWC community by Voting.

Censorship process:
In order for an ad campaign to be added to the Airdrop mission (section III), your ad needs to be moderated by the CWC community to ensure that it meets the community quality standards.
- Recommended voting
- The number of votes proposed is approved: Over 50% of votes.
- Proposed voting time: Deadline 6 hours

After voting ends, the campaigns that meet the community standards will begin to be promoted in the Airdrop campaign.
This will help ensure that the ads selected will be the most relevant and quality ads to the community, and increase their reach.
and attract potential customers for sponsors on the CWC Ads platform.

III. Airdrop Campaigns
+ To ensure transparency and fairness in airdrop campaigns, we recommend using platform:
+ Standardized advertising campaigns through community censorship will be able to participate in the CWC community's Airdrop campaign mission.
+ 10% of the CWC funded for the Airdrop campaign will be distributed to the list of winners after the end of the Airdrop campaign mission.
+ All advertising campaigns in Airdop campaign will be announced on CWC social media channels and CWC partners.

IV. CWC Partners
To increase the reach and attract potential customers for sponsors on the CWC Ads platform, we have a policy of 20% commission sharing for our partners.
Referral to get 20% commission from Advertising Campaign in Section I of the Manifesto. Referral NO LIMIT !

This means that if a customer chooses to purchase one of the ad packages in Section I of the Manifesto, with your referral code included, you will receive 20% commission from that ad package.
Suppose, a customer buys a 50,000,000 CWC advertising package valid for of advertising on the website, you will get % / 50,000,000.00 = 10,000,000 CWC.

In addition, you also get an additional 5% commission on the total advertising sales of the ad packages, if you are in the Top #5 who refer all ad packages.
The list of valid and qualified referrers will be listed and displayed right on our website after 12 hours, after customers successfully pay for the ad package they have chosen.

We will announce the winners on our social media like Twitter, Telegram Channel... and distribute rewards to your BNB Chain (BEP20) wallet every Sunday.

With a full ad campaign, we believe that CWC will become a great solution for decentralized social advertising, benefiting both advertisers and the community of CWC holders.

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