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Win Exclusive NFT Rewards from FrontFanz – Web3 Subscription Platform on Polygon

FrontFanz will not take a break. After launching in the sale, the platform successfully closed the strategic investor round and the private sale round. In addition, FrontFanz has just launched a 20-day IEO sale on ExMarkets starting on July 20. The unique feature of this sale is that it is organized in Dutch auction style, which opens up many opportunities. more for everyone participating in the discount!

Now, FrontFanz is back with an interactive guessing game. In this game, participants can win an exclusive NFT with a photo of one of FrontFanz ambassadors daily. Sounds appealing? Well, here’s everything you need to know about the game and its rules.

The Game

To win, players will have to guess at what rate $FANZ will sell out or how long they think it will sell out (GMT-0 time zone). Players can guess as much as they like; however, only the last guess counts.

If more than one person guesses correctly, the winner will be chosen by the creativity and originality of their message written next to the guesser. All guesswork should be sent to FrontFanz Telegram. Here are some examples of how players should make their predictions:

If you want to guess the time:

/game_time HH: Message sent to MM

Where HH – hour; MM – minutes


/game_time 19:35 Go to the moon !!

/game_time 09:05 I love front fanz !!

If you want to guess the percentage:

/game_percent XX.XX send a message

Where XX.XX – percent


/game_percent 95.60 To the Moon !!

/game_percent 05.00 I love front fanz !!

Make sure to submit your prediction at least 3 hours before your expected sell-out time! Winners will be selected daily and as a reward they will receive FrontFanz ambassador NFT. All NFTs will be an exclusive photo from a brand new photo shoot!

For all those interested in the game, go to FrontFanz’s Telegram and enter /game.rules, then you will get further instructions. Good luck!

Learn FrontFanz

FrontFanz is a Web3 subscription content platform that encourages content creators to freely express themselves without fear of one-sided censorship. Built on the Polygon blockchain that believes in complete decentralization, FrontFanz is a creator-built platform for creators.

No more censorship, delayed payments, unfair chargebacks, or even payment denials due to third-party involvement. FrontFanz founders Rosey Sin and Stacey Carlaa, two strong female figures with decades of industry experience, the platform provides a safe and productive space for creators to thrive.

The native FANZ token gives platform users access to various benefits, including voting rights, in-platform purchases, staking, platform-wide discounts, and access to the FrontFanz Marketplace. In short, the platform provides a great solution to some of the Web2 limitations faced by content creators today.