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What is Green Metaverse Token (GMT)? All information about the STEPN project and the GMT token

Green Metaverse Token (GMT) is a governance token that plays a key role in the STEPN project. So how does Metaverse Token (GMT) work? Who is the project development team? Let’s try to find out together.

What is Green Metaverse Token (GMT)?

Green Metaverse Token (GMT) is the governance token of the STEPN project with a limited supply of 6 billion tokens. The STEPN project is a Web3 Lifestyle application that includes built-in Game-Fi and Social-Fi elements. Accordingly, STEPN is built around the essential daily activities for most people that are moving with the Move & Earn function.

Green Metaverse Token (GMT) is the governance token of the STEPN project
Green Metaverse Token (GMT) is the governance token of the STEPN project

Users only need to equip themselves with an NFT in the form of Sneakers. By actual walking or jogging, you will earn in-game currency, use it in-game or cash out for profit. With Game-Fi, STEPN aims to motivate millions of people towards healthier lifestyles, fight climate change and connect the public with Web 3.0, while addressing the Social-Fi aspect to build building a lasting foundation that leverages user-generated Web 3.0 content.

Highlights of STEPN

  • NFT mechanism: When participating in STEPN (GMT), players need to spend some money to invest in a pair of sneakers, this gives people more motivation to both exercise and earn money. These sneakers can be upgraded or traded on the in-game Marketplace to increase profits. If you want to save money, you can choose to rent shoes.
  • Move-to-Earn: If the movement game genre does not make players feel excited, then combining it with the monetization mechanism gives them a higher motivation, even the laziest. Move-to-Earn is a sneaker-driven mechanism to earn a fixed reward.
  • Swap Feature: STEPN has a Swap function that allows you to convert GST tokens in the game to other coins/tokens on the market almost instantly.
  • Solana wallet integration: Users can create new wallets or restore Solana wallets as a place to store money.
  • Diverse game modes: including Solo, Marathon and Background Mode. In there:
    • Solo Mode: Mode to play alone by moving.
    • Marathon Mode: These are Marathon competitions that take place weekly and monthly. To participate you need to register 24 hours in advance.
    • Background Mode: With this function, you can still earn GST tokens even if you don’t play or open the app. This is because the system automatically extracts Health Data from your mobile device to calculate the number of steps, without sacrificing the durability of the sneaker.
STEPN - Lifestyle application on Web3 that combines Game-Fi and Social-Fi
STEPN – Lifestyle application on Web3 that combines Game-Fi and Social-Fi

What is Green Metaverse Token (GMT) Token?

Technical information

  • Token Name: Green Metaverse Token.
  • Ticker: GMT.
  • Blockchain: Solana.
  • Standard: SPL.
  • Token Type: Utility, Governance.
  • Total Supply: 6,000,000,000 GMT.
  • Circulating Supply: 600,000,000 GMT.
  • Exchange: Binance, BTCEX, Bitrue, Bitget, MEXC Global, XT.COM, CoinEx, Nami.Exchange,, Digifinex…

GMT Allocation

  • Ecosystem/Treasury: 30%.
  • Move and Earn: 30%.
  • Private Sale: 16.3%.
  • Team: 14.2%.
  • Binance Launchpad Sale: 7%.
  • Advisors: 2.5%.
Green Metaverse Token (GMT)- Token Allocation
Green Metaverse Token (GMT)- Token Allocation

Token Sale

Green Metaverse Token (GMT) - Token Sale
Green Metaverse Token (GMT) – Token Sale

GMT Release Schedule

Green Metaverse Token (GMT) - Release Schedule
Green Metaverse Token (GMT) – Release Schedule

Token Use Case

Green Metaverse Token (GMT) is used to:

  • Join the administration.
  • The Taker option is the voted result.
  • Custom sneakers.
  • Level up the Sneaker level 28 – 30.
  • Dig Sneakers from rare to legendary.
  • Upgrade Gems level 4 – 9.
  • Reset the properties of the sneakers.

How to join STEPN?

  • To get started, you need to download the STEPN app download at:
  • Register an account on STEPN (can be registered by email address).
  • Create a New Wallet (Click the Wallet icon in the top right corner of the screen). The app will generate a secret phrase of 12 words. This phrase will be used to restore your Wallet if you uninstall the app or forget your password.
  • Transfer your SOL coins to your In-App Wallet to buy NFT sneakers on the Market and always keep some SOL in your Wallet account.
  • Go to the NFT market, choose a pair of shoes according to your taste and buy them. Remember to make sure you have enough SOL to buy it.
  • After purchasing Sneakers, energy will be restored at the rate of 25% every 6 hours. You can start your STEPN journey right after your first 25% energy recovery.
Download the Stepn app to join the run and earn money
Download the Stepn app to join the run and earn money

To receive tokens, players must wear NFT sneakers and use GPS to walk, run, and the GPS system will count your steps. Your energy for running is determined by the type of footwear and the number of sneakers in your STEPN app.

Total energy, movement speed, sneakers (type, attribute, quality, and level), jewelry (type, level, and location quality) and NFT badges are all photo factors affect GST, GMT revenue.

Green Metaverse Token (GMT), the GST you get can be used for various things, such as shoe maintenance, shoe casting, leveling up, unlocking gems, and more.

Existing features of STEPN (GMT coin)

Solo mode (move and earn)

Just by pressing the START button, users can start moving and earn Green Metaverse Token (GMT) coins rewards, and even get a chance to get Mystery Box containing NFT Gems.

Solo Mode
Solo Mode

Sneakers and Gems NFT

NFT sneakers can be leveled up by burning tokens. You can add attribute points and NFT Gems to a sneaker to increase its performance.

Sneakers and Gems NFT
Sneakers and Gems NFT

Minting & Shoebox

By putting two NFTs of sneakers together and burning some tokens, you can mint a new Shoebox. Opening the shoebox will bring you a random NFT of sneakers.

Minting & Shoebox
Minting & Shoebox

NFT Market

Users can trade their NFT shoes, Shoe Boxes, Gems and Achievement Badges in the marketplace. Users can also rent sneakers here for free.

NFT Market
NFT Market

Decentralized exchange & wallet

Users can buy crypto through the Binance portal, swap tokens to other cryptocurrencies, and deposit/send tokens/NFTs.

Decentralized exchange & wallet
Decentralized exchange & wallet


Stepn - Roadmap
Stepn – Roadmap

Team, investors and partners

STEPN has a strong team and most of them are gurus with extensive industry experience, with expertise in the development of highly social media applications.

Development team

  • Jerry Huang (Co-founder): He has many years of experience in developing, operating and marketing the gaming industry. Successfully built high rankings for some games on the iOS app store.
  • Yawn Rong (Co-founder): He is an entrepreneur, angel investor, started an incubator. Experience in business development and start-ups.
  • Jessica Duan (CSO): She is a talented CEO, with extensive experience in almost all aspects such as management, operations, senior customer consulting, marketing, design….
Stepn - Founders Team
Stepn – Founders Team

Investors, Partners and Community of STEPN (GMT)

  • Sequoia Capital
  • Folius Ventures
  • Solana Capital
  • Alameda Research
  • 6th Man Ventures
  • DeFi Alliance
  • M13
  • Corner Ventures
  • Sfermion
  • Zee Prime Capital
  • Lemniscap
  • Spark Digital Capital
  • MorningStar Ventures
  • Openspace Ventures
  • Solar Eco Fund
  • WelindersShi Capital
Stepn - Investors and Partners
Stepn – Investors and Partners

STEPN community channels:

Achievements that STEPN has achieved (as of March 17, 2022):

Achievements that STEPN has achieved
Achievements that STEPN has achieved

Should I invest in STEPN (GMT coin)?

Surely after the above sharing, you already understand what Green Metaverse Token (GMT) coin is and the special things of the STEPN project, right? However, to be able to decide whether to invest in this coin or not, let’s summarize its advantages and disadvantages & potential.

What is the advantage of STEPN – Green Metaverse Token (GMT) coin?

  • STEPN is a very useful platform for real life.
  • STEPN helps to improve the health of users and protect the environment.
  • STEPN (GMT coin) is the world’s first Move to Earn project.
  • Users can earn money from their running activity.
  • No initial shoe purchase is required, as shoes can be rented for free.
  • Decentralization should be completely transparent, secure, not controlled by anyone.
  • Benefiting from the NF trend, gamefi is growing more and more nowadays.
  • The STEPN team is passionate about the project, and has a detailed development roadmap.
  • STEPN’s community participation is growing rapidly.
  • The GMT token has many utilities, not simply a governance token.
  • STEPN has a token burning mechanism, so there is no need to worry about future inflation.
  • GMT coin has been listed on Binance, so it can be bought and sold easily.
  • STEPN (GMT) operates on the Solana blockchain, benefiting from the platform’s low fees and transaction speeds.

What are the disadvantages of STEPN – Green Metaverse Token (GMT) coin?

  • The price of GMT coin fluctuates strongly, there is a lot of risk.
  • The recent increase in the price of GMT coin is mainly due to FOMO.
  • Many people do not really know how useful STEPN’s project is.
  • GMT coin is a very new coin, so it takes time to evaluate accurately.
  • The initial cost of buying shoes at STEPN is quite expensive, about 10-11 SOL/pair. (Although you can rent shoes, you will have to share the revenue with the lessor, so your performance is not high). As some players estimate, investing in a pair of NFT shoes, it will take about 40-50 days for you to run hard to regain the capital to buy the shoes. (But from another angle, this will push you to exercise harder, right?)


Hopefully with the above sharing, you have understood about Green Metaverse Token (GMT) coin, what is STEPN, and feel how unique and interesting this project is. Note that the above views are personal, not investment advice, as everyone has a different perspective. However, I hope to help you refer to something, and make the right investment decisions.