What is CeloLaunch (cLA)? Analyze and evaluate cLA project.

What is CeloLaunch?

CeloLaunch (cLA), an IDO platform based on the Celo Network launching in September 2021, provides an ever-expanding range of decentralized services by providing revolutionary, flexible technology to add value to the DeFi industry in general, and the Celo network in particular.

CeloLaunch’s main goal is to solve the illiquidity problem of Celo Ecosystem and provide a single unified UX/UI on CeloLaunch’s platform.

Features of CeloLaunch

  • Guaranteed Allocation

As you may know that getting guaranteed allocation in DeFi projects is quite rare and even holders who get a specific amount of tokens are included in the FCFS mechanism. The CeloLaunch team overcomes this by providing guaranteed attribution to the same participants.

  • Anti-rug-pull

Rug-pull is a common and painful problem today. Celo Launch rigorously verifies total controllable funds based on project token economics before introducing them to the community.

In this way, all those scams will be eliminated, resulting in a secure ecosystem.

  • Liquidity lock

Insufficient and lockless liquidity is the most serious threat to the growing DeFi ecosystem, that’s why the project has worked hard to lock in automatic liquidity through native smart contracts for project chooses CeloLaunch.

Advantages – Disadvantages of CeloLaunch


Celo has the same total supply as Near, TVL is higher than Near, but currently Celo’s price is only 1/3 of Near’s price. Celo has the potential to grow and increase in price in 2022. Just Celo is 2/3 of Near’s price, reaching $10 is double the current price of $ 5, the launchpads on the Celo system are definitely interested, leading to an increase in the price of cLA.

The CeloLaunch development team is thorough and reliable. You can refer to CeloStarter, Nomspace, Celopunk to evaluate more about CeloLaunch.

Due to the launch at a bad time, the price of BTC dropped sharply, so the ATH of cLA is not high, the current ATH is around $1.5 or x10, which can completely break ATH in the future. Looking at gamefi projects that own ATH x100, even x400, it is difficult for the project’s token to break ATH in the near future.

Dev cLA has many policies to push token prices:

  • With the action of locking all dev tokens, token reserve, airdrops, advisors, marketing, etc., the circulating supply of cLA at the time of listing is about 5 million cLA.
  • 3% transaction tax, of which 1% is paid to holders and 2% burned forever. That is, the whole action of trading cLA, transferring cLA from one wallet to another, using cLA to buy NFT, selling NFT on the market … will lose a slip fee of at least 3% of which 2% will be burned forever.
  • The number of tokens burned has been continuously updated and increased significantly since listing, leading to a decrease in the supply of cLA on the market.
  • Dev launches cLA farm program with high interest rates to attract farm investors -> cLA circulation supply decreases.

When investors buy NFT to join the launchpad, all tokens purchased for NFT are burned forever. It is estimated that after selling out NFTs (currently NFT is only 46 tier 1, 99 tier 2, 36 tier 3), the circulating supply will be halved, which means that the circulation on the market before January 31, 2022 is only about approx. 2.5 million CLA. If in January cLA holds its first launchpad, investors rush to buy cLA or NFT leading to cLA price increase. Or if any launchpad on CeloLaunch is a great success (x20, x50, x100) then surely the price of cLA will explode.

Investors cannot resell NFT to earn $cLA to discharge when the price of $cLA increases, but can only trade NFT on the market.

The need to join the Celo system launchpad is not too great, but certainly there is. All NFT tier 4 sold out within the first hour and 30 minutes, I watched some private teams not release tokens but switched to buy NFT and all dips were swallowed up by orders to buy 20k cLA to buy NFT tier 4.

Since the NFT of the large tiers runs out fast, the dev has a policy of staking 2 small NFT tiers to be promoted to 1 NFT tier 1 level larger. The process also helps to reduce the cost of CLA and shows market demand.

The marketing policy of cLA is quite good, the dev is active, there is a CeloLaunch Vietnam community with a lot of complete information, the admin is enthusiastic support.

The first launchpad on cLA could be the upcoming MetaCelo.

Token dev locked for 6 months, then paid monthly for 3 years.

The Celo ecosystem is new, trading on Sushiswap is not too popular, so it limits traders to speculate, helping the price increase sustainably.

Normally, only investors who are really interested in the Celo ecosystem will buy $cLA, and DEX traders who want to make a profit of a few tens of % or x2 or more often prefer important platforms like Pancakeswap, Uniswap.


  • If you want to bet on the development of the Celo ecosystem in 2022, CeloLaunch is a project you can consider investing in. However, the current market situation is sensitive, BTC is still on a downtrend, an uptrend has been going on for nearly 2 years, plus the Fed announced 3 times interest rate hikes in 2022, leading to a potential decline in the price of Bitcoin. the entire cryptocurrency market. Or if the market goes up and sideways but the price of Celo goes down, the Celo ecosystem doesn’t develop, then the cLA can’t grow either.
  • CeloLaunch has not been officially recognized by CeloOrg but is only considered as a community project developed on the Celo ecosystem.
  • Team dev anonymous
  • The price increased x2 from the dip, according to my observations, the price is increasing now because retail buys and has not yet released a large account, however, if there is a team that silently collects the dip or a private team that has not bought NFT, it has not sold tokens yet. the price can drop a significant amount due to low daily trading volume.
  • Many partners but no outstanding partner. Intended to launchpad on many multichain platforms such as ETH, BSC, Polygon, Fantom, Avax, so it will have to compete with the main launchpad of each of those ecosystems.
  • Discharge pressure of Seed, Private and IDO monthly.
  • Celo ecosystem is quite new, trading on Sushiswap is not popular, leading to not being able to reach many investors.


Key Metrics

  • Token Name: Celolaunch
  • Ticker: $cLA
  • Blockchain: Celo
  • Total Supply: 100,000,000 (2/1/2021)
  • Diluted market capitalization : $140,649,025
  • Pricre: ~ $1,41.

Token Allocation

CeloLaunch Token Allocation
CeloLaunch Token Allocation
  • Seed Sale: 8%
  • Private Sale: 12%
  • IDO: 3%
  • Team: 10%
  • Reserves: 9%
  • Advisor: 4%
  • Marketing: 10%
  • Airdrop: 2%
  • Liquidity và Liquidity Mining: 15%
  • Farming Pool: 27%

Partners and Media

Celolaunch’s partners and media are very reputable and famous units in the Cryptocurrency market, the most prominent of which are names such as: CoinLab, R8 capital, Bloomberg, yahoo!finance, CoinMarketcap, etc. … These are very important partners that will support Celolaunch’s steady and rapid development.

Partners and Media of CeloLaunch
Partners and Media of CeloLaunch


$cLA can now be purchased on Sushiswap. Above is the detailed analysis and review of Celolaunch. Based on this information, hopefully you will be more confident when deciding to make a long-term investment in $cLA. Ultimately all are for informational purposes only, not investment advice.