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Vietnam Blockchain Forum is a success and the way to Web3 becomes clearer

Vietnam Blockchain Forum co-organized by Huobi Global and OneBlock Labs was successfully held on May 28. At the event, speakers – leading experts from Huobi Global and major blockchain enterprises in Vietnam, discussed the highlights of the journey towards Web3.

With the name “The Road to Web3.0 & Metaverse Mass Adoption“, the conference attracted more than 500 guests to attend, listen to stories and share from speakers. The event was also broadcast live on Huobi Global Vietnam’s Fanpage, Huobi Live and Youtube.

To make the conference a success, leading industry speakers such as Samuel Tang, Senior Director of Business Development at Huobi Global, Leon Truong, Vice President of the Association of Financial Advisors, Cuong Tran, Co. Founder K300 Venture, Trung Anh Nguyen, Co-Fouder TheCoinDesk, Dai Nguyen, Co-Fouder GTA Ventures, Tuan Tran, CTO Starpunk and Cris D Tran, CEO of Vietnam Startup Investment Fund.

Opening the event, Samuel Tang shared Huobi’s strategic vision and development plan in Vietnam: “Vietnam is one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency markets and also one of the 10 fastest growing cryptocurrency markets. the world’s largest. Established in 2013, Huobi is one of the leading digital asset trading platforms in the world. Huobi’s name is associated with security, liquidity and stability. In order to promote the growth of the blockchain market in Vietnam, Huobi Incubator – the incubation arm of Huobi – has established a US$100 million incubator fund to find and support developers and projects. new in Vietnam, Southeast Asia and globally.”

Speakers discuss Metaverse and web3 at the first panel session.

During the first session, Samuel Tang and four other panelists discussed metaverse mass adaptation and predictions about when Web3 experiences will enter everyday life.

The cryptocurrency market is growing rapidly in Vietnam. As one of the world’s leading blockchain and crypto asset trading platforms, Huobi sees the Vietnam market as an important part of its global expansion plan,” said Samuel Tang. . “We believe that, with our experience in the blockchain field, Huobi will greatly support the development of the blockchain technology community and innovative projects in Vietnam.”

Mr. Samuel Tang, Senior Director of Business Development at Huobi Global shared Huobi’s vision at the event.

Cris D. Tran from Vietnam Startup Investment Fund shared his views on the path to Web3 and its application scenarios. Kelvin Phan from Moon Knight Labs offers his views on the Future of NFT and Metaverse.

Metaverse will gradually replace and become part of our daily routine. Many services and ecosystems are gradually transitioning to the metaverse to bring more realistic experiences to customers”, shared Mr. Leon Truong, Vice President of the Association of Financial Consultants.

The final discussion session discussed the overview of blockchain human resources in Vietnam. Dr Binh Nguyen, founder of RMIT Fintech Crypto Hub, said, “Since 2016, the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology has recognized that blockchain will soon change the economy, financial system and society. At that time, we started creating appropriate educational programs and started to include blockchain in our curriculum from 2020. Most of our graduates have worked at large companies. in the industry. In October 2022, RMIT plans to launch Web3 Blockchain Business, contributing to creating more talents for Vietnam.

Speakers at the session on Blockchain human resources in Vietnam.

“We were pleased to see the speakers sharing their insights on blockchain technology, Web3, Metaverse, and NFT. This will help event participants gain a deeper understanding of this exciting and fast-growing industry after this workshop,” said Samuel Tang. “The main purpose of the conference is to bring more knowledge to the blockchain enthusiast community. I believe we have achieved this goal and Huobi looks forward to being a part of the development of the Vietnamese blockchain market in the near future. ”

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