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TRON’s stablecoin USDD has been raised to more than 200% of escrow

Decentralized USD (USDD) the new algorithmic stablecoin launched on the TRON blockchain in early May 2022 has continued to build, solidify growth with ambitions to drive the era of Stablecoin 3.0 to make finance accessible. be with everyone.

The most distinctive feature of the blockchain industry is the constant development and rapid transformation of traditional fields, bringing revolutionary technologies to the world and worldwide financial markets.

With a total circulating supply of nearly 700 million, TRON-based USDD recently upgraded itself to the first over-secured decentralized stablecoin, offering faster transactions with the highest collateralized ratio in the global world.

As one of the safest decentralized stablecoins, USDD has a guaranteed collateral ratio of at least 130%, higher than the 120% that the leading algorithmic stablecoin on Ethereum, DAI, is maintaining. USDD’s real-time collateral ratio published on the TRON DAO Reserve website, open 24/7, shows that at the time of writing, it has reached over 200%, specifically as follows:

  • Issued USDD Value: 667,521,101 USD
  • Value of TRX Burned: 8,297,232,883 TRX (approximately $667,521,101)
  • BTC holdings: 13,040 BTC
  • USDT holdings: 240 million USDT billion
  • TRX holdings: 1.9 billion TRX
Parameters and margin ratio for USDD as of 06/05/2022
Parameters and margin ratio for USDD as of 06/05/2022

Thus, it can be seen that although only 667 million USDD is in circulation, the amount of assets used to back it is more than 1.4 billion USD. The actual guarantee rate is 217%.

Previously, USDD also announced that it would build a TRON DAO Reserve (TDR) with assets of up to 10 billion USD, similar to what Luna Foundation Guard intends to do. This fund is receiving the backing of many large investment funds in the cryptocurrency industry such as: Alameda Research, Amber Group, Poloniex, Ankr, Mirana, Multichain, FalconX and TPS Capital.

Justin Sun, Founder of TRON, said: “At the forefront of the Stablecoin 3.0 era, upgraded, over-collateralized USDD will add a variety of features to underpin its stability.” “The $10 billion reserve pledged by TDR will allow USDD to become the most trusted decentralized stablecoin with the highest collateralized ratio in blockchain history. Currently, the 200%+ collateral rate provides USDD with a very strong safety net.