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The First Bitcoin ATM in Mexico Installed in the Senate Building

According to multiple reports, a new Bitcoin ATM has been installed inside the Mexican Senate building, which is the first time a Bitcoin ATM has been installed in the country.

Mexican Senator, Indira Kempis, shared a photo of a newly built ATM on Twitter, claiming that the installation signifies the beginning of financial inclusion and education in Mexico.

Bitcoin ATMs in the Senate.
Bitcoin ATMs in the Senate.

Senator Indira Kempis is a supporter of Bitcoin and technological advancements from cryptocurrency. Earlier this year, she announced her plan to make the country a crypto-friendly environment, she proposed the Bitcoin Legal Currency Bill and sought Senate approval to pass it into law.

Specifically, Kempis stated that the government must follow in the footsteps of El Salvador in declaring Bitcoin as legal money.

The senator also feels that virtual assets have the potential to ease the difficulties associated with financial constraints and help people who do not have access to the banking and financial system.

The installation of a Bitcoin ATM inside the Mexican Senate building is a powerful statement of the Mexican Senate’s willingness to accept Bitcoin.