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Terra’s internals are full of contradictions about the “LUNA2.0 rebirth plan”

In the interest of transparency, a Terra validator has published chat logs between project influencers including Do Kwon, as they prepare to launch LUNA 2.0. Chat logs reveal the turmoil and confusion insiders are grappling with following the demise of LUNA.

The content is taken from the Telegram group “Terra Rebirth League” (TRL) consisting of about 200 stakeholders. Those present in the talk included Do Kwon and Sunny Aggarwal of Osmosis. Besides, there are validators, developers and other important voices.

Terra Rebirth League (TRL)

And since the UST loss of peg, the team has begun to face a series of difficult challenges, including the issue of “unifying what height of blockchain Terra should stop at” because it is not all validators stop trading at the same time.

In the early stages of the discussion, members representing the community offered some ideas, but the group suggested that this could do more harm than good. As a result, SyncNode’s George Bunea declined such requests, believing they would only aggravate the situation.

“This [discussion] was for validators… but there were too many other parties involved, causing us a lot of confusion,” says Bunea.

Another core member named JoseCT also lamented how the discussion was organized, “I think the discussions should be better organized and properly published. In fact, tracking these types of conversations in Telegram is not easy.”

Another member, named Rohit, added: “I’ve never seen confusion over something this serious.”

Even Do Kwon has trouble keeping track of all the conversations. At one point he had to say, “Can someone summarize the matter? I’m quite confused.”

From the above excerpts, it can be seen that Terra’s internals are still messy and the situation does not seem to be favorable when the issues that need to be discussed receive too many opinions, while the arrangement of the talks is not. reasonable.

Voting and control rights

One of the group’s concerns is whether they have enough voting power to direct and control Terra’s future destiny. The question of “what should we do and when” remains unresolved. Some members like Lido’s Kai Tuirin like to wait for things to calm down before making any big moves.

“I believe we should wait a bit. It makes no sense to start planning right now. We still don’t have a consensus from Wormhole. Launching now will only bring more trouble.”

However, it was clear that a general sense of urgency was felt among the senior members of Terra.

In the end, the Terra Rebirth League team came to an agreement to wait for the following two issues to be approved before implementing: the first is the reactivation of the Wormhole bridge, the second is the approval from Do Kwon himself.


The starter block for Luna 2.0 was activated on May 28. The Terra team had to make this decision very hard, and the next stage of the journey was not easy either.

Terra (LUNA) is currently trading at $7.12, down 62.2% from its peak of $18.87 on May 28.

Whether LUNA2.0 will be in the future, the TRL team can solve the outstanding problems after the collapse of UST and LUNC (the old LUNA coin),… everything will be updated by BTA in the near future.

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