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Taboo Announces First Villa Party with Supermodels and Market Launch

TABOO, a leading crypto and entertainment brand, is set to launch the first Live Mansion Event for its owner base. TABOO is just over 12 months old, with an investor base of just over 46,000.

Basically, TABOO aims to fill long-standing gaps in traditional financial systems by using decentralization and providing innovative solutions to even the most complex of financial problems. branch. Simply put, Taboo is branding itself as a crypto token AND entertainment brand, where its native token, $TABOO, provides opportunities and utility in both areas. main area.

$TABOO is ranked among the top 500 cryptocurrencies globally and has partnered with playboy models, celebrities, and top fashion icons, many of which are in the tens of thousands, if not I mean millions of online followers.

The platform recently launched its native market with cutting edge functionalities along with their UI/UX redesign. Users can now buy $TABOO tokens, sell and trade the platform’s native NFTs, or stake their existing ones to earn a guaranteed APY (Annual Percent Profit) of 20%.

Taboo Marketplace operates on a 4-tier system, where each tier gives access to a higher level of content in the form of an exclusive collection of NFTs. Levels are set depending on the model/celebrity in that level and other content can be accessed after the user meets the required conditions. Each Tier – Tiers 1, 2, 3 and 4 has different requirements for owning a specific minimum amount of $TABOO tokens to gain access to the exclusive NFT content of each tier or depending Tiers, access and invitations to live events. You can learn more about these requirements by checking out their website shown at the end of this release.

Tier 4 on Taboo is the highest tier. In essence, it provides complete access to the world of TABOO, for both live and online entertainment events along with several other crypto conveniences.

For example, Tier 4 investors, not only receive access to exclusive content available in the first three tiers, but also receive an invitation for a comprehensive trip with their model partners. that Taboo has collaborated with, is featured on their website and some special guests have yet to be revealed.

The event will be held at a giant mansion on a beautiful island in Thailand from August 12 to August 15, 2022. Their events include:

  • Party all day at Taboo mansion with live DJ and entertainment
  • TABOO Mansion 1 Photograph as eligible, invited Level 4 holders will have the opportunity to be a part of these shoots
  • Party at the beach club
  • A private cruise to explore the local islands

According to TABOO’s social media, the mansion event will be promoted on all existing channels and widely promoted in both digital and print media. This marketing is assumed to include all media content and the involvement of celebrity photographers, vloggers, paparazzi, DJs, fire shooters, fireworks, live entertainment and security during the 4 days of the event.

Furthermore, Taboo has released the much-anticipated TABOOPUNKS, the platform’s own collection of NFTs. Owning either bronze/silver/gold TABOOPUNK offers direct tickets to exclusive VIP parties with supermodels for branding and promotion of the project. In addition, investors who own TABOOPUNK NFT will have access to all regions of the market and a number of utilities that are in development or not yet released, such as Taboo Metaverse and TABOOSPACE. For example, TABOOSPACE, a recently introduced widget, is a VIP-exclusive section at all live events for gold TABOOPUNK holders and many other key benefits in the TABOOSPACE box that are constantly being added. fig.

TABOOPUNK is a NFT with utility, providing unlimited access to the platform and its many events. While owning TABOOPUNK doesn’t reap all the benefits of a real, qualified T4 holder (such as a Mansion invite), Taboo still plans to host certain live events , with an event coming up in Q1, 2023 where only TABOOPUNK NFT holders can attend.

To view the TABOOPUNK NFT collection, visit:

Taboo has focused on major technological developments, optimal use of blockchain technology, and uniform efforts in the right direction. Versions 2 and Version 3 of their Marketplace are coming soon and will include a bunch of new features that one can learn more about from their Official Report.

Taboo has a dedicated team of Entrepreneurs along with a loyal community of over 46,000 investors and is in the process of winning more significant partnerships to market the platform on a global level.

$TABOO is currently listed 30x below its previous all-time high and is available to trade on Pancakeswap,, Hotbit, Whitebit, Bitmart, LATOKEN and LBank.

To learn more about Taboo, visit the official website:

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  • Country: United Kingdom
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