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Swappi (PPI) Announces First Exchange Listing on BitMart

PPI, Swappi’s native token, is now available for trading on the global crypto exchange BitMart.

Swappi, an AMM-based decentralized exchange (DEX) deployed on eSpace Conflux, today announced its first exchange listing on BitMart. Swappi’s PPI native token is now available for trading on BitMart, a leading cryptocurrency exchange with millions of users globally. As the first exchange to list Swappi, BitMart allows users to trade the PPI/USDT pair.

Swappi is the first DEX to launch on eSpace, an EVM-compatible smart contract execution environment that allows developers to deploy and execute Ethereum-based dApps and smart contracts within the Conflux ecosystem. BitMart’s Swappi (PPI) listing also marks the first time listing an eSpace asset on Conflux.

As an AMM-based DEX, Swappi allows users to trade in a completely decentralized environment without registering or creating an account, allowing anyone to start trading within seconds. Swappi provides Conflux users with a platform to swap, stake and profit from their crypto assets. By deploying on Conflux, a permissionless Layer 1 blockchain with significantly lower transaction costs than other chains like Ethereum, Swappi is able to offer users the lowest fees compared to any leading DEX any.

Swappi (PPI) Announces First Exchange Listing on BitMart
Swappi (PPI) Announces First Exchange Listing on BitMart

Launchpad feature coming soon

The exchange listing comes as Swappi prepares to launch a new launcher feature that will allow projects to conduct an Initial Dex Offering (IDO) on Swappi. The launch desk will allow projects to conduct private and public IDOs and institutional sales, allowing them to set a fixed token price, token allocation, and sale time for their IDOs. Swappi native token PPI staking users will get early access through private sale.

About Swappi

Swappi is a non-custodial platform that allows users to trade directly from a wallet of their choice and retain 100% ownership of their cryptocurrency. Built on open source software, Swappi’s dApps and smart contracts are also publicly visible for maximum transparency.

Swappi smart contracts have been audited by CertiK, the leading privacy-focused rating platform for analyzing and monitoring blockchain protocols and DeFi projects.

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