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Staff of the Russian Hospital ‘Cryptocurrency Mining in the COVID-19 Ward’; SBI Crypto Pauses Mining in Russia

A Russian medical professional could face two years behind bars after authorities caught him in the red allegedly operating an illegal mining setup in a facility designed to control treating coronavirus patients.

This specialist has been placed in charge of information security at a state hospital in Gorno-Altaisk, a town in the Republic of Altai, in southern Siberia.

RBC reports that the man started mining unknown tokens in February 2021 and managed to connect his own mining rigs to the hospital server. After the demand for ventilators and other such equipment began to dwindle in the city, the room used to be emptied – and the expert seemed to have made the most of it.

The republic’s Ministry of Internal Affairs eventually cooperated with the country’s secret service agency, the FSB. Together, the parties raided the hospital, and at the same time conducted a search of the suspect’s whereabouts.

Investigators claimed to have found that the specialist had “unauthorized use” of the hospital’s electricity “for about a year” and claimed that he had “caused physical damage” to approximately $6,800.

Investigators decided to charge this individual on the basis of the evidence they gathered.

Cryptocurrency mining is not illegal under Russian law, but police and courts have previously dealt with individuals who they believe have stolen power from state institutions or networks. to pay for their private mining operations.

Meanwhile, the crypto mining arm of Japanese securities giant SBI – SBI Crypto – has announced that it will be suspending its Russia-based crypto mining operations, Interfax reported. This follows a call from Washington-based diplomats last month who called on Japanese crypto players to sever their remaining ties with Russia.

Several Japanese miners have previously opened mining farms in Siberia, taking advantage of low electricity costs and even lower cooling costs.

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