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Polygon grows 6 times, the number of Dapps skyrockets to 19,000

Polygon PoS currently has more than 8,000 groups active monthly.

Polygon reports six-fold growth in six months, it also announced a staggering increase in the number of dApps building on its network.

Polygon announced in a blog post that it has reached a new milestone with more than 19,000 decentralized applications (dApps) running on the network, a 500% increase from 3,000 dApps in October, according to Alchemy data.

Polygon PoS currently has over 8,000 monthly active pools, up from over 6,000 in January and just a few thousand in October 2021. 65% of the team is built entirely on Polygon, while only 35% is built on Ethereum.

Polygon claims that their PoS has processed over 3.4 billion transactions, with over 135 million unique user addresses and over $5 billion in protected assets.

Polygon announced its partnership with Alchemy in June 2021, with 3,000 dApps running on the network in October, 7,000 in January, and over 19,000 in April.

Polygon explains that Alchemy also works with Polygon to resolve and mitigate problems as they happen.

Polygon has also marked significant developments in recent months. Team Polygon unveiled Supernets, a scalable blockchain infrastructure that aims to stimulate mass adoption of Polygon and Web3.

At the end of March, they also introduced Polygon ID, a private and decentralized identity. Polygon ID leverages the Iden3 protocol and the Circom ZK toolkit, providing on-chain verification.

Additionally, more than 650,000 MATICs have been burned since the launch of the EIP-1559 upgrade in January. As seen on the Polygonburn website, a total of 658345.05 MATICs have been burned to date.

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