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North Korean IT engineer looking for crypto-related online jobs

Using a virtual network (VPN) and an online payment platform, North Korean citizens appear to be freelance in the technology sector, especially in the cryptocurrency sector.

The US Department of Justice and Treasury issued a joint warning about this on May 16.

“North Korea has sent thousands of highly skilled IT personnel around the world, generating revenue for the DPRK, which in turn contributes to its weapons programs, in violation of US sanctions. United States and the United Nations”.

Among the prioritized industries, cryptocurrency is one of the first to emerge. The warning goes on to identify “Request for payment in crypto” as a telltale sign for companies to be on the lookout for new hires.

U.S. agencies are working to identify the means by which workers in North Korea use to fake identities to get jobs through online platforms.

North Korea’s most famous hacker group is the Lazarus Group. Just recently, the US government identified the $600 million hack of Axie Infinity as carried out by this group.

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