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Minecraft creators will stop supporting NFT in the game

Minecraft sounds like the perfect game to put together personalized NFTs… But that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

It doesn’t matter that the world’s biggest video game companies like Activision or Tencent are breaking into the NFT world; Minecraft developers want those tokens as far as possible with their blockbuster game.

On July 20, Mojang Studios, the team behind Minecraft, said that they would not support or allow the use of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the game.

Mojang Studios argues that in-game use of NFTs can privilege some users and undermine others, as the NFT usage pattern can create scarcity and exclusion in the player community. . This scenario is a risk they don’t want to take, as they say in an update to their community guidelines:

NFT can create scarcity and exclusion models that conflict with our Principles and the spirit of Minecraft, […] NFT does not include all of our communities and creates a scenario about the yes and no.”

NFTs and cryptocurrencies have no place in Minecraft Lands.

According to the company’s statement, the use of blockchain technology and NFT does not align with Minecraft’s co-creation and co-play values, as they allow players to earn rewards through other actions outside of the game. play.

In addition, Mojang Studios argues that using NFT in the game will change the focus on the fun that the game offers, as users will be more interested in the speculative price of NFTs than enjoying as they were already. make 12 years that the game has existed.

They also mentioned that they are against NFT implementation due to hacking and scam issues of the companies that manage these assets, which creates the risk of such tokens being easily “disappeared without notice is required”. This has happened with many crypto games that use blockchain technology and NFT to attract users through the game mode to earn money.

The door never closes

While the Minecraft developers are currently firmly against integrating blockchain technology into the game, they said they will study its development over time to see if future implementations will be successful. interesting or beneficial or not. However, they do not intend to do that in the short term.

The unexpected decision of Mojang Studios has been devastating to other projects built around the Minecraft ecosystem. NFTWorld is one of them: As of today, the project has not had any problems with the developers and maintains good communication with them.

Hours after Minecraft’s announcement, NFTWorld’s native token dropped more than 58%, causing uncertainty for players who currently don’t know what the future holds for them in that game.

NFTWorld token price. Source: Tradingview
NFTWorld token price. Source: Tradingview