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Huobi and many market expansion plans

The year 2022 is a year full of volatility and emotions in the world Crypto market. However, despite the bleak situation, many institutions and exchanges are constantly coming up with many plans to promote the development and expansion of cryptocurrencies, one of which is Huobi Global.

Since the price crash on May 9, the cryptocurrency market has been continuously “red on fire“. Top coins such as BTC and ETH have repeatedly lost key support levels, with the current leading digital currency having retreated to the area around $20,000.

The current market weakness is mainly due to the global macroeconomic effects and the collapse of LUNA and UST. In addition, the strong volatility of the market makes many investors panic and fear. According to Alternative, the Crypto Fear & Greed Index has now dropped to 7 (the extreme fear level).

Although the market situation is not very positive, Huobi Global exchange is making daily efforts to promote the expansion of cryptocurrencies and support users to participate in the digital currency industry.

Huobi and many market expansion plans

The entire cryptocurrency ecosystem will certainly be hit hard after the mass price collapse of digital currencies. However, despite the negative sentiment enveloping the market, Huobi Global, one of the world’s leading crypto exchanges, is giving out a one-month bonus of $37 million, giving its users a the opportunity to earn high profits even in a bear market.

Globalization has led Huobi Global to continuously innovate its business to serve different investors with positive experiences in their digital currency trading journey. In order to attract more people to participate in the crypto space and so that more people can enjoy the benefits brought by the cryptocurrency ecosystem, Huobi Global is introducing a series of interesting campaigns, such as: Primelist, PrimeEarn and Candydrop, so that even in the crypto “winter” Huobi Global users can still earn high profits.

Getting high returns with low risk is a prospect that many newbies will certainly doubt, but in the crypto market, nothing is impossible. To encourage users to participate and understand crypto, Huobi Global launched the Candydrop event in March 2022, allowing users to win a free token airdrop.

After receiving a free token from the airdrop, users can choose to hold it for a long time to wait for the price to increase or also sell it immediately.

By launching campaigns like CandyDrop daily, Huobi Global not only opens the door for new users to enter the crypto world, but also provides users with an alternative investment option when the US dollar price instability.

As a leading global cryptocurrency exchange, Huobi Global is committed to providing investors with access to a wide range of potential projects. Launched in 2021, Huobi Primelist is a platform dedicated to safely and conveniently listing potential new tokens.

All projects launched on Huobi Primelist are subjected to rigorous screening and evaluation by a highly qualified internal team before they are allowed to be listed on the exchange. Another advantage of Primelist is that it allows investors to buy newly listed tokens at a favorable price without participating in the project’s IEO.

In addition, to increase the chances of earning additional income for users, Huobi Global has also introduced PrimeEarn, a crypto financial management product that focuses on providing high APY on fixed deposits to investors. main property. With PrimeEarn, investors can earn up to 40% APY staking mainstream crypto assets like BTC, USDT and ETH for 14 days. Huobi’s PrimeEarn does not place a limit on the amount an individual can deposit, so it is an attractive profit-making channel in today’s market.

Besides, in order to increase participation in the development of the Vietnamese Blockchain market, Huobi Incubator and Huobi Ventures are providing many opportunities for young Vietnamese developers.

With Huobi Incubator, it is a professional cyclical “project incubator that integrates blockchain industry research and investment funds through the incubation process and project optimization tools. With the mission of promoting the development of startup projects at all stages and all users, Huobi Incubator will help young entrepreneurs and startups overcome obstacles, quickly develop right. vision and goals. Recently, Huobi Incubator has partnered with 5 leading companies and organizations in the industry to form Web3 Scholarships, to fund potential Web3 projects.

Huobi Ventures, Huobi’s venture capital fund, has committed to supporting potential NFT and DeFi projects. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been invested by Huobi in early-stage blockchain projects with long-term goals.

Last year, to promote the GameFi business, Huobi Global set aside a $10 million fund to invest in emerging GameFi projects around the world.

Huobi Ventures director, Unica Yin, said: “We think that in the future, blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize gaming business models and it will play a core role in the next generation of gaming. “.

What is Huobi Global?

Launched in 2013, Huobi Global is one of the few crypto exchanges that ranks in the global top 10 for both spot and derivatives trading. Serving tens of millions of users across 160 countries worldwide.

By giving investors many profit opportunities, Huobi Global is committed to becoming the most trusted platform to support users to trade cryptocurrencies and expand the cryptocurrency ecosystem.