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Honduras Denies Rumors of Legalizing Bitcoin as Currency

The Central Bank of Honduras (CBH) assures that the country has no intention of following in El Salvador’s footsteps for now, quelling the FOMO caused by rumors of a possible adoption of Bitcoin as a legal tender legislation in Latin America.

According to the statement, the Central American country maintains a neutral stance towards Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general. They have no intention of changing it now and emphasize that Bitcoin is still not accepted as legal tender in many countries and is not even fully regulated.

CBH emphasized that cryptocurrencies are not regulated in the country, so problems or risks in trading by Hondurans will be at their own expense.

“CBH does not monitor or guarantee transactions made with cryptocurrencies as a means of payment within the national territory, therefore, any transactions made with this virtual asset are the sole responsibility of CBH. and the risk of those doing it.”

In addition, CBH made clear that due to the economic and geopolitical landscape that is being experienced around the world, they are still working on whether to issue a CBDC as many countries are doing, emphasizing that in the CBDC , the control and issuance of money directly rests with the State.

This official statement from the CBH side has quelled rumors that Honduras President Xiomara Castro will follow in his El Salvador counterpart and accept Bitcoin as currency, making Honduras the second country in Latin America. and the world recognizes cryptocurrencies as legitimate payment instruments.