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Here’s What Bitcoin and Ether Investors Are Doing in the Post-Terra Market

Money flow can tell us a lot about the movement of coins and tokens through the cryptocurrency market, as well as investors’ reactions to the market. However, does the latest data match what is really going on at the exchanges?

Let me Ether take a look at this

Glassnode’s weekly cash flow update reveals that Bitcoin and Ether investors are taking very separate paths in managing their assets.

While Bitcoin overall certified inflows were around $280.7 million, Ether recorded $952.9 million in outflows.

But does ETH provide a source on exchanges that support this? Data from Santiment for the supply of ETH on the exchange has increased since around the end of April.

On the other hand, while BTC recorded coins returning to exchanges in early May as prices fell, this trend did not last. Coins quickly turned around and began rapidly leaving exchanges once again.

Đây là những gì các nhà đầu tư Bitcoin và Ether đang làm trong thị trường hậu Terra 27
Soure: Santiment

Another factor to consider is the role weighted sentiment can play when it comes to ETH. Ether investors recently experienced a massive spike on May 16 – this ended when the top alt fell below the psychological price of $2k. Since then, sentiment has been largely negative, which could really help ETH rally once again.

At press time, ETH is trading at $2,070.27.

That being said, one area of interest remains Ethereum’s development activity. This metric has been up since the end of April. However, when compared to development activity in 2020 and 2021, the drop is undeniable.

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So what should you know about Bitcoin and Ether right now? It is possible that after the collapse of the Terra ecosystem, more adventurous altcoin investors are questioning their favorite projects. Plus, many may have chosen to retreat to Bitcoin’s relative safe-haven as fear reigned in the markets.

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