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Harmony offers a reward of 1 million USD for the perpetrator of the Horizon bridge hack

Harmony Protocol, the latest victim of an attack in the crypto space, is offering a $1 million reward and saying there will be no criminal prosecution for the hacker if the stolen funds are returned.

Earlier as reported by CryptoWallCity, on June 24, Harmony revealed that a hacker exploited their Horizon cross-chain bridge and took away $100 million. Currently, the project is offering a reward of 1 million USD and insists that there will be no criminal charges if the hacker will return the stolen money.

Harmony previously also stated that it has ‚Äústarted working with national authorities and blockchain experts to identify the perpetrators and recover the stolen funds.‚ÄĚ

According to Mudit Gupta, Chief Information Security Officer of Polygon, the perpetrators gained control of a multi-signature wallet used in Harmony’s bridge implementation, possibly by compromising two private addresses. and withdraw money.

On the project side, Harmony CEO Stephen Tse expressed that the team has so far not found any evidence that smart contracts were compromised nor any vulnerabilities on Horizon.

However, there has been some evidence that attackers have compromised private keys and decrypted them, then made unauthorized transactions, stealing assets from the Horizon bridge. CEO Harmony also affirmed that it will continue to conduct the necessary deployments to strengthen the security fence for its infrastructure.