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Hackers send $9 million back to Nomad Bridge in $190 million hack

According to a report by blockchain security firm PeckShield, “white hat” hackers returned money to Nomad Bridge in the attack that caused more than $190 million in damages.

Data from Etherscan shows that nearly $9 million in cryptocurrency taken in the hack has been returned. The crypto tokens returned to date include $3.75 million USD Coin (USDC), $2 million Tether (USDT), $1.4 million covalent query token (CQT), and 1 .2 million frax dollars (FRAX).

Most of these funds come from known Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domain wallet addresses. These individuals were among the 300 wallets that were involved in the incident. Unlike the ‘black hat’ hackers, these ‘white hat’ hackers acted to try to get hold of Nomad’s remaining funds in the heist. Some of them promise to return the money after Nomad provides recovery wallet. White hat hackers often use their hacking skills to identify security holes in the digital space.

Cryptocurrency custodian Anchorage Digital will process and protect the returned assets.

Nomad is also working with law enforcement companies to track down the hackers who are responsible for the theft.