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Filecoin Foundation Announces Plan to Bring Decentralized Storage Technology to Space

The Filecoin Foundation and American aerospace technology company Lockheed Martin announced plans to collaborate on Monday to design decentralized storage for the space industry.

Through this partnership, the two intend to build infrastructure to share information, speed up communications, and reduce storage costs between Earth and space.

The main engine used for decentralized storage is the Interplanetary File System (IPFS), a decentralized storage and data sharing protocol that uses asset addresses to uniquely identify files. IPFS is the underlying technology for the Filecoin network.

Web3 projects often use IPFS to remove centralized and limited storage systems from companies like Google or Amazon. For example, IPFS is how a Tezos-powered marketplace called Hic et Nunc (now Teia) managed to stay afloat after the platform’s founder unexpectedly abandoned the project.

This can be a pretty good signal for Filecoin (FIL), because this is considered one of the expected applications where the platform puts its blockchain technology into practice.

On the other hand, this event also marked the return of FIL’s development after a long period of “silence” in the past year, since the project became a “fever” in China in October, April 2021.