‘Ethereum Killer’ Solana suffers another major outage

A misconfigured node caused the Solana network to stop processing transactions and go offline on Friday, the fourth-largest outage for the popular blockchain since January, when it had one. partially shut down for most of that month, according to data from Solana.

This outage comes a year after a nearly 18-hour outage last September. Meanwhile, the fall of crypto winter has caused SOL, the #9 coin by market capitalization, to drop by 81% by 2022.

At 7:01 p.m. EST on Friday night, the Solana Status website, run by the Solana Foundation, posted that the network “is experiencing degraded performance” and that the Solana developers are working to diagnose guess the problem. Shortly after, Solana posted that the network “is experiencing an outage and is not processing transactions.”

What caused the problem?

“It looks like a misconfigured node caused an unrecoverable partition in the network,” the Solana validator behind Stakewiz.com tweeted about the problem.

They further translated for Decrypt via Twitter DM: “A validator is running a duplicate validator instance. Meaning when it’s their turn to generate a block, they generate a block from each instance, for the same location, so some validators saw a block, some others, then couldn’t Agree which one is correct. “

Stakewiz said the Solana codebase should have taken care of the problem, but for some unknown reason it caused an unrecoverable partition or fork. They believe misconfiguration is an issue, “probably a failed node failover setup.” The developers restarted the Solana mainnet at the last confirmed location, 153139220. At the time of publication, the reboot was 49% complete and Solana was down for 2 hours and 45 minutes.

What did Solana say about its outage?

Solana Labs did not immediately respond to Decrypt’s request for comment regarding the outage.

While Solana executives have previously argued with different metrics in crypto media regarding total outages, founder Anatoly Yakovenko told Real Vision earlier this month. that blackouts are “our curse” and pointed out that the Bitcoin blockchain sometimes has its history with hours between two blocks.

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One of the many smart contract blockchains hyped as the “Ethereum destroyer,” Solana is a popular blockchain for creating non-fungible tokens, NFTs, and decentralized applications. After Ethereum switched to proof of stake on September 15, Solana is now the number three proof-of-stake blockchain by market capitalization after Ethereum and Cardano.

But if it continues to grow and rival Ethereum, the network will need to stay.

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