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CoinEx and the campaign to donate more than 10,000 books, nurture the dreams of poor children

Currently, many schools around the world and many parents cannot provide enough books for children due to financial conditions. These children’s reading ability will also be worse than the average, which negatively affects their future life prospects.

Focusing on children’s education, CoinEx Charity will start the “Worldwide Book Collection” on May 26, 2022 to improve children’s reading environment. The campaign will start in Turkey and from there, it will spread to more than 11 countries, including Syria, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Nigeria, Malaysia, India, Brazil, Germany, and South Korea. . CoinEx Charity will help schools build charity reading libraries to provide more reading opportunities for children in poor and disadvantaged localities.

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Books are a means of helping children succeed

Books are a treasure trove of information and wisdom – they help children succeed. However, many schools around the world cannot build a library, making it difficult for children to explore the vast knowledge base. Even in the US – the richest country in the world – one in four children grows up without the habit of reading.

CoinEx and the campaign to donate more than 10,000 books, nurture the dreams of poor children 1

CoinEx Charity’s Multi-Million Dollar Charity Foundation is a charity dedicated to alleviating “illiteracy” worldwide. On the occasion of the upcoming International Children’s Day, the foundation will launch a charity campaign to build reading libraries and donate books to poor schools around the world.

The first 3 book donation events of CoinEx Charity will take place in Antakya (Turkey), Damascus (Syria) and Bangkok (Thailand) on May 26, May 28 and May 30, respectively. It is expected that about 4,000 books will be donated to 7 local schools. Furthermore, CoinEx Charity also purchased bookshelves to build reading nooks for each school.

In June, the campaign will spread to 8 countries including Vietnam, Indonesia, Nigeria, Malaysia, India, Brazil, Germany and Korea, with a total of about 9,000 books donated.

During the campaign, it is expected that 13,000 books will be donated and libraries are built to provide better learning spaces for poor children, helping them to read and study freely anytime, anywhere. In this “sea” of books, children will be inspired to find their dreams and strive for a better future.

CoinEx Charity has partnered with Save the Children Syria Youth Association and Malaysian charity MUDA Cheras to jointly organize the event in Syria and Malaysia. This is the first collaboration between CoinEx Charity and an international charity. These new partners will expand the reach of the campaign and incentivize more interested individuals. At the same time, this is also a sign that charities all over the world are working together to improve her.

CoinEx Charity also looks forward to building long-term, sustainable partnerships with more charities in the future. Together with its partners, CoinEx Charity will give more impetus to spread the message of love and warmth and help more children grow up healthy and happy.

Respond to international calls and engage in charity education

Books open up an imaginative, unexplored world, and having more access to books allows children to become more competent. UNESCO, the World Bank and the International Commission on Funding for Global Educational Opportunities are all calling for an expansion of the supply of books in schools around the world to improve learning conditions.

Therefore, CoinEx Charity has actively responded to the international call and devoted more resources to charity education to help poor schools improve the learning environment for children. No matter how small it may seem, books always act as a door to a larger world for children and help them fulfill their dreams.

In the “Worldwide Book Donation” campaign, CoinEx Charity will donate more than 10,000 books to poor schools in 11 countries to spread the fire of love and knowledge. The organization also hopes that many governments and charities around the world will join hands to help more schools build libraries and provide students with a good learning environment through the power of love. charity. Education can transform the future of children, thereby making the world a better place.

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