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Coinbase insiders are disgruntled – Armstrong must speak up

A disgruntled Coinbase employee created a petition on on Thursday calling for the dismissal of three company executives. The petition, titled Operation Revive COIN, was taken down, but it was documented by the Internet Archive and other websites. Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong responded to this on Twitter.

Coinbase VP Emilie Choi, product manager Surojit Chatterjee and chief human resources officer LJ Brock were the targets of calls for dismissal for executing plans and ideas that led to questionable results and negative value. pole. The author detailed eight of their failures, including the failed Coinbase NFT platform, canceling job offers for new employees, mismanagement, creating a toxic workplace, and listless. The petition concludes:

“We hope to find people who have experience in the crypto space and can run the company more responsibly.”

Coinbase co-founder and CEO Brian Armstrong posted on Twitter Friday morning with a series of 16 tweets. “Our culture is about praising in public and criticizing in private,” he told the petitioners. Armstrong also said he was surprised he wasn’t on the list of layoffs, and said that it was unhappy employees who should be fired.

He also attributes some of the anger to general frustration when the market goes down and also encourages teams to come together during a difficult period. Given the size of Coinbase, Armstrong said he hopes a small number of individuals won’t leak the company’s information outside.