CryptoWallCity vs MEXC Exchange Introduces Web3.0 Interest Accounts With 26% Unpaid APY on Stablecoins

The MetaFi platform has launched a new product – Web3.0 Interest Account. Now, users have the ability to monetize USDT, USDC, and CHO (the platform’s native token) interest accounts, through its proprietary ecosystem. aims to find DeFi products that offer good options for monetization and make them easier for users to reach by collecting all these products in a single click solution Simple, easy to use.

How Web3.0 interest account works

Service users will choose from three deposit periods, lasting 6, 12 and 24 months respectively. Each term will have a different percentage of the possible annual yield (APY). APY will also be different depending on the coin the user is sending.

USDT and USDC deposited in 24 months will attract up to 16% APY. This would be 26% for CHOs sent over a similar period.

Deposit period (month) 6 12 24

USDT/USDC (APY) 13% 15% 16%

FOR (April) 13% 25% 26%

To get started with the Web3.0 Interest Account, the platform requires users to deposit a minimum of 500 USD worth of USDT, USDC or CHO. However, there is no limit to the maximum amount a user can deposit.

Interest payments will be made at the end of each deposit term in the same cryptocurrency in which the investor made the initial deposit.

DeFi Interest Account users will be free to build an investment strategy based on their risk appetite. This is because the deposits are divided into three distinct risk levels: safe, medium and risky. That said, despite the well-defined levels of risk, still advises those interested in investing to do their own research before putting money into a given deposit.

About is an innovative cryptocurrency solution that combines all the advantages of CeFi and DeFi services into one system. At the heart of is a new in-house ecosystem: Charism, a suite of products that offers users more opportunities to monetize their crypto assets.

The platform was developed and rebranded from the crypto wallet and CeFi Crypterium ecosystem, in 2021. is run by Vladimir Gorbunov, the company’s founder and CEO. More than 160 people work for the company and their main goal is to find new ways to combine CeFi and DeFi technologies to reflect the future crypto market.

The company’s portfolio today includes more than 700,000 users.

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