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Cardano’s Vasil hard fork testnet encounters a “critical” error after 2 weeks of implementation

Not long after deploying the Vasil hard fork testnet, a bug has emerged that could “threaten” the success of the biggest upgrade on Cardano this year.

Cardano developer Adam Dean posted a series of updates on Twitter on August 18, revealing that a bug in the Cardano node version 1.35.2 caused a crash on the testnet of the Vasil hard fork, which had already been deployed. succeeded on July 4th.

The reason given by Adam Dean is because it appeared that a number of Cardano staking pool operators (SPOs) who were responsible for maintaining the resources to run the ADA node rushed to perform the upgrade on the mainnet, which This inadvertently creates incompatible forks and reduces the interaction density on the blockchain.

This has resulted in the existing testnet being broken as well, as most SPOs have upgraded to version 1.35.2 on the testnet to emulate the official Vasil test environment, resulting in the currently incompatible version 1.35.3 and inability to synchronize with each other.

Therefore, Cardano must activate version 1.35.3 being tested on two new testnets, without transaction history and block production like previous testnets. Also, Dean mentioned that the haste of the Vasil hard fork made him uneasy. He even asserted that the Cardano network was close to reaching its limit, which could collapse at any time.

He is therefore asking IOHK engineering and founder Charles Hoskinson to promptly launch the appropriate ‚ÄúDisaster Recovery‚ÄĚ tools as revealed during the testnet launch. This plan has a mitigation process for long-lived network-wide partitions or prolonged blockchain freezes.

Charles Hoskinson has responded to the community’s reaction to news of the bug in testnet version 1.35.2. He said the community is overreacting to all that is going on and claims the code has been thoroughly tested for months by everyone, including the SPO. The code that caused the problem on the test network has been removed.

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