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Cardano postpones Vasil hard fork

After being inactive last month, the Vasil hard fork was delayed for a few more weeks to resume testing and debugging.

During a meeting on July 28, the development team behind the Cardano (ADA) blockchain, Input Output, announced that it would delay the Vasil hard fork a few weeks from the original.

Kevin Hammond, Technical Head of Input Output, said:

It may still take a few more weeks before we can deploy the Vasil hard fork. We are conducting tests to find bugs and fix them.

All elements of the network need to perform a hard fork to ensure a smooth upgrade, both for themselves and for Cardano users.”

Vasil is an upgrade to increase the scalability of the Cardano blockchain, helping to transmit transaction data at a lower cost. The hard fork also paved the way for Cardano sidechain interoperability, one of the key features the platform developers plan to roll out in the current Basho era as a temporary workaround that is continuously upgrading. block size to ensure the operability of the network.

Vasil was successfully launched on Cardano’s testnet in early July, but it seems that the developers have found more technical bugs, forcing them to move the deployment date to the mainnet instead of August as originally planned.

ADA price has not had much negative reaction to the above information, instead is still jumping with the recovery wave of the cryptocurrency market with a 24-hour increase of over 6%.

Cardano (ADA) 14-day price chart.
Cardano (ADA) 14-day price chart. Source: CoinGecko