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Canadian Prime Minister Candidate Supports Freedom to Use Bitcoin as Currency

Conservative Party candidate for Prime Minister, Pierre Poilievre, has advocated allowing Canadians to use Bitcoin (BTC) as legal currency in the country.

YouTube channel BITCOIN posted a video on March 29 of Poilievre saying Canadians need “more financial freedom” in front of a crowd of about 100 people at a local restaurant. He added, “That includes the freedom to own and use cryptocurrencies, tokens, smart contracts, and decentralized finance.”

“People should have the freedom to choose other currencies. If the government misuses our cash, we should have the freedom to use other, higher quality cash.”

Earlier this year, the Canadian government led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of the Liberal Party took a tough approach to crypto in response to the Freedom Convoy protests taking place in Ontario. In January and February, Canadian officials froze the protesters’ bank accounts and attempted to block all donations to truckers, including those made with money. electronic.

The Canadian Blockchain Association (CBC) CEO Koleya Karringten told Cointelegraph today that “it is a hostile environment from the Liberal government towards crypto,” which is “due to a lack of knowledge.” knowledge, understanding and regulatory clarity.”

“It is important to have a strong advocacy stance for blockchain education. When they see the level of tax revenue, they will know this is not an industry for crime, but an industry for innovation.”

Karringten believes there are more crypto holders now following complications caused by Prime Minister Trudeau when he enacted the Emergencies Act in February. The nonprofit Catalyst said on February 23 that those complications could resemble a bank run. Despite his fervor, Poilievre’s support for cryptocurrencies may still resonate with only a small group of Canadians. In October last year, research firm Ipsos determined that only about 14% of Canadian citizens over the age of 18 own cryptocurrency. However, that number has increased from just 3% in 2016, signaling a tremendous growth rate