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Brazil launches new blockchain network that works for anti-corruption purposes

On May 30, the new Brazilian government blockchain network (RBB) went live thanks to a partnership agreement between the Federal Court (TCU) and the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES).

The launch event was streamed live on the Court of Accounts of Uniam (TCU) official YouTube channel. The focus of the event was on discussing the technical aspects of the project based on the experiences of a number of guests such as government officials, company executives and representatives of university institutions.

The RBB network is still under development, but will initially be used in a number of public institutions, with the aim of improving the services provided to citizens and providing better traceability to public spending.

This is just part of Brazil‘s most extensive efforts to integrate blockchain technology into the public administration for a more transparent and scientific workflow. This goes beyond simple regulation of cryptocurrencies from a financial standpoint.

Because the transparent nature of blockchain technology is a double-edged sword for many officials and politicians, as the technology can immediately expose any act of corruption, embezzlement or illegal activity which TCU wants to prevent.

Ana Arraes, president of Uniam’s TCU, said the idea was launched in the second half of 2019. In addition, she affirmed that the topic is very relevant in the Brazilian government discussions, due to the interests. that they bring when auditing the data provided.

The use of blockchain technology in public institutions has been proposed many times and implemented in countries such as Colombia, Perú and Argentina, where citizens can check some of the activities of the state.

At the end of 2021, Colombia announced the development of an experimental project with blockchain technology to fight corruption that lasted about 3 months. However, until now, the country has not announced official information about the progress and status of the project.