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Binance offers FREE trading of ETH/BUSD pairs to welcome The Merge event

Last night, August 23, Binance announced that Ethereum trading will be waived for the ETH/BUSD pair starting from August 26.

The show starts at 12am on August 26th (UTC). This program will last for 1 month and end at 12AM on September 26th. All users of Binance can buy/sell Ethereum with BUSD for zero fee.

According to a post on the official website, Binance said this program will not be applied to money laundering transactions or illegal bulk registration accounts, as well as transactions that are automated or show signs of market manipulation.

Binance announces free trading for ETH/BUSD pair starting August 26.
Binance announces free trading for ETH/BUSD pair starting August 26.

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao said the move is in line with the company’s user-first philosophy. Accordingly, Binance strives to offer the most competitive fees in the industry.

Transaction fees have become the top concern of investors when deciding to choose an exchange. Therefore, all exchanges have plans to significantly reduce this fee to capture market share when the crypto winter shows no signs of stopping.

Previously, Binance applied a program to reduce Bitcoin transaction fees to zero for all stablecoin and fiat pairs on the occasion of the exchange’s 5th anniversary.

As reported by CryptoWallCity, The Merge event is set for September 15th. On August 11, Binance launched its own plans for The Merge event as well as Ethereum proof-of-chains- of-work is separated. Binance said it will support the distribution and withdrawal of fork tokens.

Binance is closely monitoring the development of The Merge, which is scheduled to take place in Q3/Q4 in 2022 on the Ethereum network, which could lead to the introduction of new fork tokens.”

Excerpt from Binance’s announcement.

However, Binance also expressed uncertainty about whether to list these new tokens or not. New fork tokens will go through the same rigorous review process as any other token in order to be listed on Binance.

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