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Binance CZ CEO in Vietnam: “I can’t predict what the market will be like tomorrow”

Binance CEO CZ came to Vietnam to attend the Vietnam NFT Summit 2022 Forum – Solutions for a New Era.

On the sidelines of the Forum, CZ had a quick interview with VTV about blockchain-related issues and the future of this industry in Vietnam.

When asked what he thinks when many people only use blockchain technology as an opportunity to make money in the short term, CZ replied that he does not trade, for him blockchain is the future and he is investing in it.

It’s like everyone now uses email instead of handwritten letters. For me, blockchain is innovation, not speculation. I myself cannot make an accurate prediction of what the market will be like tomorrow.

CZ also revealed that he wants to travel around the world to share about the benefits of blockchain in order to change people’s minds about the field.

Referring to the future of Vietnam with blockchain, the boss of Binance affirmed that young Vietnamese people are very active, have a solid foundation and are passionate about blockchain.

I think that if Vietnam has an opportunity, it will seize that opportunity, it will bring great economic benefits to Vietnam in the future.

However, he is also concerned because the field is too young.

CZ also said that blockchain is not only crypto but also applied to many problems in life such as: electronic identification, real estate digitization, copyright protection or software distribution.

The head of Binnace also believes that Vietnam will soon have a unicorn in the crypto space. Previously, on January 5, 2022, the investment fund Binance Labs poured money into Coin98, a decentralized financial platform from Vietnam.

One of the highlights of CZ’s visit to Vietnam this time was the announcement of Binance’s cooperation on research exchange, Blockchain technology application, human resource training in Vietnam and internationally through the Vietnam Blockchain Association.

According to the organizers of the Vietnam NFT Summit event, June 4, the CEO of Binance has participated in dialogue sessions with the Vietnamese Blockchain technology community at the Melia Hanoi Hotel.