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Balancer Finance is the next DEX to suffer from a phishing attack

After Uniswap was attacked by a phishing attack that took a lot of ink from the press, recently, Balancer Finance is the next target of hackers who want to take advantage of this sophisticated form of counterfeiting.

In the announcement on the official Twitter page, Balancer Finance warned users about a new type of phishing attack.

Accordingly, the method of this attack is similar to the case Uniswap users encountered a few days ago. Hackers will send fake links, informing users that they have the opportunity to receive airdrops from the liquidity supply (LP) on the DEX platform. And when users interact and authorize the aforementioned links, the assets in the wallet will be stolen.

The recent Uniswap phishing incident also consumed a lot of ink when CZ – CEO of Binance was also the focus of the talk.

Back to the Balancer incident, this is a phishing attack with a fairly new method, not simply stealing the Domain, or spoofing the interface as before.

Phishing attacks have not been too strange for DeFi products in the past, when many popular names have been the target of this form of spoofing. However, these forms are becoming more and more sophisticated, especially forging deep into the transaction layer in the blockchain as happens with Balancer.

Therefore, users when interacting with applications (especially new applications) need certain studies and cautions.