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Animoca Brands Leads $32 Million Funding Round for Planetarium Labs

This capital will help game company Web3 grow its community-based network.

The Planetarium Labs gaming system is based on Libplanet, a software development kit that allows developers to create blockchain applications entirely on the Unity game development platform.
“Instead of multiple games sharing a single network, each game runs its own application-specific blockchain network and has the freedom to design governance and customize tokenomics, such as allow free play, ‘ said Seo. “The players and the game community can then operate a decentralized network that powers each game.”

Libplanet technology was used in the open-source online role-playing game Nine Chronicles, which has more than 300,000 users and backers including Animoca Brands, Binance Labs and Ubisoft. Nine Chronicles will roll out a “Chapter 3” update next week with a host of new features, including dual-stakes programs and player championships, Seo said.

“Planetarium Labs is also supporting the development of the NFT (non-fungible token) RPG that can replace the real person Stella Fantasy, had a major gameplay trailer revealed this week. We recently signed a partnership with XL Games founded by Jake Song, creator of the popular Lineage franchise and co-founder of Nexon, to explore community-curated MMORPGs,” said Seo. say, referring to “massively multiplayer online role-playing games. He also noted that Planetarium will reveal more titles in development through its partners later this quarter.

Hong Kong-based gaming investment company Animoca Brands recently reported that its portfolio investments as of the end of April totaling more than $1.5 billion across 340 investments.

“We strongly believe that the future is large decentralized worlds in an open metaverse, which is why we are excited to support Planetarium Labs’ vision of community-based blockchain games. co-centric, empowering players with creative freedom and full digital rights,” said Yat Siu, co-founder and executive chairman of Animoca Brands, in a press release.