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What is NFTY Network? All information about the NFTY Network project

NFTY Network is an NFT ecosystem that has been particularly interested by investors in the market recently. This ecosystem brings new experiences to users and helps them satisfy their entertainment and investment needs. These are all general information about the NFTY ecosystem. If you want to understand more, pay attention to follow the NFTY Network Review that we give below.

What is NFTY Network?

NFTY Network is a decentralized NFT ecosystem built to grow and enhance the importance of the NFT space in the market. NFTY’s network will include 3 main products: NFTY Launch, NFTY Labs and NFTY Connect.

Currently NFTY is being used as a cross-chain Web 3.0 authentication layer. The network will use NFTs or alternative assets as the access medium for access management or subscription services.

Not only that, the NFTY network also provides authenticated access to server data. It’s all done by signing the user’s public key through Web 3.0. This has partly demonstrated its superiority over traditional Web 2.0 when storing data in an unsafe state.

The main goal of the NFTY network is to provide a completely novel and convenient user authentication experience. With the NFTY token, the project will help investors participate in more unique products.

The most complete and detailed NFTY review

Through the above information, you already understand what NFTY Network is, right? If you already know, the following will be the most detailed NFTY review to help you accurately assess the potential of this project.

Products available in the NFTY network

As mentioned above, NFTY Network owns 3 core products including: NFTY Launch, NFTY Labs and NFTY Connect. In particular, each product will have the following notable features:

NFTY Launch

NFTY Launch is an NFT launchpad built in the NFTY Network ecosystem with the aim of bringing NFT projects closer to investors. At the same time, integrate the project with all products present on the NFTY ecosystem.

Thanks to NFTY Launch, investors can easily do minting, create contracts or market new projects launched on the Ethereum blockchain or Binance Smart Chain.


NFTY Labs is a platform developed for the purpose of focusing on the growth of the NFT ecosystem. By building community-based tools, investors can unlock the utility and inherent value of NFT.

In the simplest terms, NFTY Labs is a toolkit that allows people in the NFT community and developers to create different chains. Each chain will bring extremely interesting control experiences and can be customized at will through NFT or tokens.

Not only that, websites like: Telegram, Discord, etc. can be placed behind Web 3.0 portal and only allow access if the user owns NFT.

NFTY Connect

NFTY Connect is an important product because they operate at the central location where ports are created. Users can explore all the portals in the ecosystem here and gain access if they use the assets they hold.

Three main products in the NFTY ecosystem are: NFTY Launch, NFTY Labs, NFTY Connect
Three main products in the NFTY ecosystem are: NFTY Launch, NFTY Labs, NFTY Connect

Features of NFTY

The NFTY Network Reviews all show that this is an ecosystem that possesses many outstanding features. And that’s right. Here are a few traits that are appreciated by investors:

  • Users are allowed to access content through privileged NFTs: NFTY Link allows users to cross-chain NFTs to access Web 3.0 via various login methods. User data will be kept safe thanks to various distributed blockchain networks
  • Multi-chain experience: By using the NFTY network, users will get an extremely enjoyable multi-chain experience. You can log in to many different platforms with just a unique combination of ID and password.
  • There are many benefits of signing in on Web 3.0: Users will have many different benefits when signing on once on Web 3.0 such as: Synchronization of multiple blockchains, easy access to 3rd party tokens, etc.
  • Token Gates: Using Token Gates will help users access a game or content easily
Extremely interesting features about the NFTY Network
Extremely interesting features about the NFTY Network

Token Allocation

The NFTY token is the most important product of the NFTY ecosystem. The release of NFTY tokens helps the development of the ecosystem to reach new milestones.

The NFTY token now allows users and developers to perform specific actions within the NFTY network. Some basic information that you should know about NFTY tokens are as follows:

With the total supply out in the market reaching 1,456,240,353 NFTYs, the developers have allocated NFTY tokens to make it accessible to everyone. The allocation has been done according to the image below:

NFTY Token Allocation
NFTY Token Allocation

In there:

  • Private: Takes 6.7% of NFTY tokens issued
  • Team: Takes 18.2% of NFTY tokens issued
  • Ecosystem: accounted for 13.7% of NFTY tokens issued
  • Advisors: 3% of NFTY tokens issued
  • Public: accounted for 8.2% of NFTY issued
  • Foundation DAO: Takes 45.5% of NFTY tokens issued
  • Initial Staking: 3.4% of NFTY tokens issued
  • Initial Dex: 1.4% of NFTY tokens issued


NFTY Roadmap
NFTY Roadmap

Purpose of using NFTY token

The most important part of the NFTY token review is to help users understand the true value of tokens and what is their intended use in the ecosystem. NFTY tokens are issued for many different purposes but mainly for the following 5 purposes:

  • Market trading: Participants in the NFTY Network ecosystem can receive NFTY tokens from royalties after successfully selling their NFT work on the NFTY Connect marketplace.
  • Staking: Card holders who access NFTY Labs and have a total of 450 tokens sold on the market will be entitled to participate in staking and receive rewards
  • Using advanced features: Users can get NFTY tokens by using some advanced features such as: Referral codes, invite new users to join the community, send feedback to developers when encountered a bug…
  • API/Oracles: To request information from NFTYLink, participants will need to spend a certain amount of NFTY tokens
  • Governance rights: NFTY token holders will have the right to vote to determine the direction of future products and projects. In addition, NFTY token holders are also entitled to vote on grants or recommendations from the community, etc.
NFTY tokens are issued for many different purposes, the most important of which are used for staking, voting, payment, etc.
NFTY tokens are issued for many different purposes, the most important of which are used for staking, voting, payment, etc.

How to own NFTY token

To own NFTY token is not too difficult when the virtual currency market is gradually becoming popular around the world today. Cryptocurrency investors now only need to follow a few simple steps to own NFTY tokens in a snap. And the simplest way to own NFTY tokens is to buy directly at cryptocurrency exchanges.

Some reputable virtual currency exchanges that you can refer to include: Uniswap, PancakeSwap, DODO,, …

Can own NFTY token by trading directly at virtual currency exchanges
Can own NFTY token by trading directly at virtual currency exchanges

Token storage wallet

In the NFTY Review section for basic information, we learned that the NFTY token is developed based on the BEP-20 and ERC-20 standard tokens. Currently, 2 standard tokens BEP-20 and ERC-20 are supported to be stored in almost all e-wallets.

Therefore, investors will not have much difficulty in finding a suitable token storage wallet. Some suggestions for you are: Trust Wallet, Metamask,,….

The safest NFTY storage wallet is Trust Wallet, Metamask, …
The safest NFTY storage wallet is Trust Wallet, Metamask, …

NFTY Development Team

In the project development team, there will be 3 main names that you need to remember:

NFTY Development Team
NFTY Development Team

James Lawrence – CEO: James Lawrence has more than 5 years of experience related to the blockchain industry as well as a wealth of business knowledge. His Twitter is followed by big figures such as CZ (CEO of Binance), SBF (CEO of FTX)… proving his ability is highly appreciated in this market.

Ty Blackard – COO: He has more than 3 years of experience in building crypto-related products. Ty Blackard served as the CEO and head of business development for the FomoHunt project. Before that, he also regularly shared information and knowledge for people about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology through the name Crypto Tytan on YouTube and Twitter.

Kevin Caffery – CTO: Kevin Caffery is an engineer in the blockchain industry with 3 years of experience developing Web 3.0 technology. Kevin was also the first person to develop an authentication product for the NFTY Network protocol.

These are all people who play a key role in the project and guide the development of the NFTY token. Whether the project thrives or not will largely depend on the vision of the development team. Therefore, learning more about the developers will help you make the most positive assessment of that NFTY Network project.

Based on the NFTY Review we gave above, we will come to the conclusion that the NFTY project is on a strong development momentum. The project has many novelties that investors cannot miss.

The project will provide great benefits to users as well as NFT creators. The future development potential of NFTY will be huge. However, to minimize the risk as much as possible, you should learn more information about this project.


Thus, we have reviewed NFTY Network in the most detailed and complete way for you. Hope all the above information has helped you better understand this unique network. Wishing you the most profit when participating in the virtual currency market.