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What is Catgirl Coin (CATGIRL)? All information about the Catgirl Coin project

Catgirl Coin is one of the projects that aims to make NFT available to a wider audience on a fun and exciting Anime culture scene. The project claims to allow users to earn passively while integrating Anime culture and the electronic world, bringing a new era of NFT.

What is Catgirl Coin (CATGIRL)?

Catgirl Coin is an NFT-focused crypto project that has a real-world use case. The platform offers deflation tokens with the token symbol “CATGIRL”. The project’s token is available on PancakeSwap and was built by a team of professional developers, creative writers, and talented graphic designers. The Catgirl developer team is completely anonymous.

As Catgirl’s name itself suggests, Catgirl Coin is built with a mission that can be abbreviated as CAT:

  • The letter C stands for curiosity “CURIOUS“, where the team behind the project promises to be always ready and curious to learn more and improve the platform.
  • The letter A stands for the action “ACTION”, and represents the foundation’s built-in determination to always do its best to achieve and act on its vision.
  • The letter T stands for trust “TRUST” and reflects the project’s mission to maintain and win the trust of project members, as well as investors in the community.

Catgirl Coin (CATGIRL) can be used to join the Kitty Lottery and get instant rewards.

How does Catgirl Coin (CATGIRL) work?

Catgirl Coin has a mystery box that gives the user a way to get the Catgirl NFT. The core concept is that there are many items with different rarity levels in these boxes.
Another feature of the platform is the Workshop, where owners can customize their Catgirls and other collectibles through various wearables and accessories. They can swap these accessories until the wearable is perfect. Therefore, it will increase their NYA score in the Cativerse. This number of points will help holders earn more rewards in NFT Farming.

Catgirl Swap

In addition to the game, Catgirl Coin also has a decentralized exchange powered by PancakeSwap V2. PancakeSwap is one of the “most popular DEXs on Binance Smart Chain”. With Catgirl Swap, users can exchange their BNB for CATGIRL as well as other stablecoins with minimal slippage.
Catgirl Swap will also support liquidity pool staking, where users can stake their CATGIRL in conjunction with WBNB to earn $PAW (one of two utility tokens). The Catgirl Coin whitepaper has yet to set the odds for its DEX.


CatgirlCoin - Nekoverse
CatgirlCoin – Nekoverse


CatgirlCoin - Tokenomics
CatgirlCoin – Tokenomics


CatgirlCoin - Roadmap
CatgirlCoin – Roadmap

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CatgirlCoin - Partners
CatgirlCoin – Partners

When will Catgirl Coin (CATGIRL) hit 1 coin?

At press time, the price of CATGIRL is set at $0.000000001293528. Although the token had previously rallied in June, its price has stabilized again, according to CoinMarketCap. However, Catgirl Coin (CATGIRL) is still relatively new and the available data on the token is not sufficient to make an accurate prediction of the future price of the coin.


Hope this article has brought you a lot of information about this potential Catgirl Coin, thereby making the most informed decision for yourself. You are advised to conduct your own research before making any investment decisions. Use provided information at your own risk.