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A Metaverse for Creating Wealth by Staying Healthy (Interview with Limoverse Founder)

The world is going digital, but that’s not necessarily tied to excessive benefits. As people spend more time in front of computers and smartphones, their health suffers. Addressing this is certainly a challenge, especially when it comes to creating a full-fledged metaverse where users can digitally interact and engage with each other.

Limoverse is a project that harnesses the power of blockchain-based technology and promotes wellness, even empowering people to stay healthy while earning money in the process.

Sajeev Nair, founder of Limoverse, talks about how this can be done and what the team’s plans are.

Can you tell us a little more about yourself and how your journey into the crypto world began?

Over the past two decades, I have ventured into many businesses in many fields. However, my passion has always been health and wellness and human performance. For the past 5 to 6 years, I’ve been passionate about human longevity nearing the end of the first 50 years of life, and I want to make post-50s more productive and enthusiastic than my 50s. Through extensive research, I can conclude that personalized health is the next billion-dollar opportunity and lead a concept called EPLIMO, a personalized health procedure made with with the help of genetic analysis.

We saw an opportunity to bring health professionals and organizations who believe in preventive health through personalized lifestyle management, leading to Limoverse, a wellness ecosystem and health using blockchain technology.

More than just cryptocurrencies, I’m excited about blockchain technology and the vast possibilities that are currently trending on web3. And as a result I initiated this project called LIMOVERSE which will be a completely decentralized healthcare economy built on web3 and powered by our utility token which has The name is LIMO.

You are the founder of Limoverse – could you please explain the project in Layman’s terms?

LIMOVERSE will be the ultimate health & wellness ecosystem that will reward you for living healthy using our utility token called LIMO. This will be a destination where health and wellness seekers and providers come together and share their services and knowledge so they get rewarded. There are many projects inside LIMOVERSE. So whether you are a health and wellness practitioner or someone looking, you have the space in LIMOVERSE to get rich by living healthy.

Following are the projects inside LIMOVERSE:

  • HEALTHFi – Walk, jog or run and earn your rewards daily.
  • WHEALTHFi – Join our personalized wellness program, EPLIMO (Epigenetic Lifestyle Modification) and earn money to maintain your health.
  • CREATFi – Create and share your valuable content and get rewarded in LIMO.
  • GAMEFi – Create your avatar, play and win games in LIMOVERSE and get rewards in LIMO.
  • DATAFi – Share your health data with research companies in the LIMOVERSE ecosystem and get rewarded in LIMO. (Launched in 2023)
  • METAFi – Perform your workouts and various health practices in a 5D experience. (Launched in 2023)
  • LAUNCHPAD – As a physician or health and wellness organization, you can sign up for our launch pad, promote your business, generate, manage and process leads, and more.

How does a digital world encourage physical activity and health?

In today’s world, the challenge most people face when it comes to staying fit and healthy is mainly the motivation to exercise regularly, follow a specific diet plan, etc. What if people were rewarded for this? This is exactly what we do at LIMOVERSE, mainly through our HEALTHFi and WHEALTHFi projects. To walk, jog or run and follow the personalized recommendation plan people get through EPLIMO, users will be rewarded with our LIMO tokens daily, which can be accumulated and become a huge fortune in a certain period of time. Therefore, in LIMOVERSE, we are not only focusing on digital activities like playing games and being part of the metaverse, but also making sure that people do real world activities and stay healthy.

What is the most important problem you are trying to solve with Limoverse?

The health and wellness issues we are addressing are:

Life expectancy is increasing, so are lifestyle diseases. Humans are living short and dying early. This will change, and people will be able to live long, die late and stay young.
Healthcare costs are high, so people need solutions so they can practice self-care in their lives.
It’s hard to stay motivated by following a diet and exercise plan. Limoverse will solve this problem because everyone will be rewarded for staying fit and healthy.
Health is not organized because different protocols sometimes contradict each other. Limoverse, as a common health & wellness ecosystem for all health seekers and providers, will enable people to avail almost all health & wellness products and services in limoverse ecosystem.
What is the purpose of the LIMO token?

With Limoverse as an ecosystem where health and wellness practitioners, organizations, and seekers are located, the process of providing and delivering products and services using LIMO will be active. This is a major use for LIMO inside Limoverse.

On top of that, since Limoverse has many projects, users will have to use LIMO to join projects and they will also get their rewards in LIMO.

Therefore, we can confidently say that the use cases of the LIMO token are very powerful and can attract the attention of a wide audience across the globe. Our goal is to build a healthcare economy powered by the LIMO token.

How will Limoverse join the growing Web3 movement?

Web3 is a completely decentralized system, Limoverse aims to be a platform where decision makers and key participants are community members. As a result, we will have a strong governance system that includes community members.

Where do you see Limoverse in 5 years?

We strongly believe that within the next five years, Limoverse has the potential to become the largest healthcare and wellness ecosystem in the world. Limoverse can be a comprehensive solution to everyone’s need to stay healthy, fit and happy. People can sit in the comfort of their homes, participate in projects in our ecosystem, and play games inside Limoverse. By doing all these things, they also have the potential to become rich.

What do you mainly look forward to in the next 6 months?

Limoverse’s main short-term goal is to launch all projects that meet the promised timelines. With the exception of GAMEFi and METAFi, we aim to launch the remaining projects within the next six months. In addition, during this period, we aim to expand globally and attract the maximum number of people, mainly health and wellness enthusiasts, to our community.