60% of Latam Professionals Are Ready to Use Metaverse Tools at Work: Research

According to a study commissioned by Ciena, a software, networking and services company, workers and executives in Latam are willing to try metaverse tools in conjunction with their traditional jobs. Research surveying 15,000 salespeople from around the world shows optimism about the deployment of these technologies.

Latam office staff consider Metaverse-based tools useful

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, more and more companies are changing their work requirements, with the rise of remote work as a result of this. According to a recent study presented by Ciena, a networking software company, Latam office workers are particularly open to bringing these technologies to work.

The study, which surveyed 15,000 business professionals in 15 different regions including Colombia, Brazil and Mexico, found that nearly 60% would consider working from a virtual metaverse platform. In the same way, more than 50% believe that collaboration is achieved in a way that is easier using virtual platforms than face-to-face.

The reasons behind this belief vary from country to country. In Mexico, the rationale is linked to the belief that there is less chance of distraction when using these tools. In Colombia and Brazil, these tools are considered to support the economies of the companies that use them.

More detections, limitations noticed

There is a growing understanding that working trends will change in the not-so-distant future. 40% of those surveyed in Latam believe that in the next two years, their work environment will begin to shift from traditional locations to more immersive/virtual locations. This percentage is higher than its equivalent in the rest of the world.

Metaverse is also seen as a useful tool for purposes other than work. The survey determined that 63% of those surveyed would use virtual platforms for learning and educational purposes in Colombia. In Mexico, 60% will use these platforms to socialize and 69% will use them for online gaming in Brazil.

However, those surveyed are also aware of the limitations of these tools and their dependence on infrastructure and services. Over 40% in Mexico and Brazil state that network reliability is a concern for this type of application. Another worry is the relative lack of understanding of the implementation and use of these tools in the work environment.

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The results of this survey are in line with another study released by the World Economic Forum in May, which found that countries in Latam have a higher rating of the metaverse than the rest of the world. .

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